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Adhesive-free Flooring Solutions

The following systems do not require wet adhesives. This makes installation quicker, cleaner and reduces the waiting time before the floor can be used.

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Rubber crumb cradles are lose laid onto the existing subfloor, battens are laid in the cradles, and decking, paving or baseboards are then attached directly to the battens. No wet adhesives are required.

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Standard acoustic rubber crumb cradles



Rubber crumb cradles for raised sports floors


EcoDeck Cradles

Rubber crumb cradles

for decking


EcoPaving Cradle

Rubber crumb cradles

for paving

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These modular systems use plastic or metal, meaning no adhesives are required. It also allows for easy installation, removal, replacement, and reuse of floor coverings.


FlexiSport Internal

Internal Sports Floor System


FlexiSport External

External Sports Floor System


Gym mats

Modular recycled rubber gym mats

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Self-adhesive underlays eliminate the need for wet adhesives. Simply lay the underlays on the subfloor, peel back the protective membrane and apply the flooring cover. There is no drying time required.  


InstaLay 'Peel & Stick'

Self-Adhesive acoustic rubber underlays

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