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Africa Connected: Our Vision

A new journey!

We hope to use this newsletter to build a community of built environment professionals (architects, contractors, designers, and the like) who are concerned with green building and passionate about the potential and innovation in the African construction industry.


This is a platform for members to share, discuss and celebrate together. As such, we are looking for contributions!

  • Exciting developments in construction and technology

  • Innovative solutions

  • Interesting case studies

  • Inspiring stories

DM us or email with suggestions and contributions.

When we look at the innovative thinking coming out of Africa at the moment, particularly in green building, there is no question in our minds that this is where it's at.

-- Jonathan Bodley, CEO of The Flooring Connection


For more content, check out our blog! Our latest publication looks at recycled rubber crumb and its applications in construction.


We encourage everyone to follow us on this journey and become an engaged member of our community!

In hope and optimism,

The Flooring Connection



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