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Green innovations in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and beyond.

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Welcome back to Africa Connected! This week we bring you four new stories:

  • CIRCULAR ECONOMY: Moves forward for the Circular Economy in Africa

  • GREEN ACCELERATOR: SA start-ups should apply

  • GREEN BUILDING: Eco cement in Nigeria and beyond

  • INNOVATION: Kenyan start-up builds with recycled plastic


Moves forward for the Circular Economy in Africa

Article: Africa makes its case for circular economy at WCEF 2023

The 2023 World Circular Economy Forum WCEF in Helsinki showcased global circular economy solutions. African ministers emphasized the need for swift transition to circular systems. The African Development Bank supports this through ACEF and ACEA, assisting countries in roadmap development and coordinating initiatives. African Development Bank highlighted circular economy financing and funding, emphasizing employment and economic benefits.

“It is important that the road mapping process is inclusive to result in locally owned sustainable results.”

- Dr Anthony Nyong, Director for Climate Change & Green Growth.


Green Startups: Apply Today!

Article: AAF and Grindstone partner to accelerate green economy

The Anglo American Foundation (AAF) and startup accelerator GrindstoneXL have partnered to support and nurture 15 tech and tech-enabled startups in South Africa. The collaboration aims to promote sustainable practices, environmental stewardship, and job creation for the country's youth.

The selected startups - from the built environment, green construction, green energy, and other elements of the green sector - will receive funding readiness support, workshops, coaching sessions, and access to a network of potential funders. Apply here.


Eco Cement in Nigeria and Beyond

Article: Eco Cement to accelerate green construction in West Africa

Lafarge Africa Plc, a leading building solutions company, has introduced its Eco Label brand to promote sustainable building solutions and support green construction. The Eco Label represents a range of green cement products for high-performance, sustainable, and circular construction. Read more

"Lafarge Africa is proud to be the first local cement manufacturer of eco-friendly cement to the Nigerian market. With the rollout of this Eco brand, we are accelerating the transition to more sustainable building materials for greener construction."

- Khaled El Dokani, former CEO of Lafarge.


Kenyan start-up builds houses and community services with recycled plastic

Kubik: Kenyan company innovates for sustainable dignity

Plastic waste is a massive environmental problem around the world. The production and consumption of single-use and other plastics have led to the accumulation of waste in our landfills, oceans, and waterways, causing harm to the environment. However, Kenyan company Kubik, Inc. has developed a solution that turns plastic waste into a sustainable building material... Read more


Thank you for reading! As always, we urge community members to point out contradictions, spark debates and discussions, and make suggestions for valuable spotlights for future issues!

In hope and optimism,

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