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Expanding into Africa: Kenya and Uganda

We are proud to announce Elements Custom Flooring as our partner in flooring in Kenya and Uganda. Learn more about Oscar Dennis and James Murphy, the men on the ground.

Oscar (Kenya) and James (South Africa) pulled together through international rugby - they met during the World Rugby 7s series in 2019. However, their journey in the flooring industry began after Oscar suffered a life-changing injury which forced him to leave professional rugby and move to Cape Town.

They found that they share a common interest in making Africa, in particular Kenya, a place where opportunity meets passion. Through thorough market research and family history in the industry, the gap for SPC vinyl flooring and composite decking in Kenya and other African countries became a reality. Linking up with some of the best manufacturers and ensuring the best quality and service, Elements Custom Flooring (ECF) began.

They strive to help clients create a 'dream space' by combining elegance and durability. They promise personal touch.

Partnering with EFC is an important step for Th Flooring Connection, as we anchor ourselves in both Kenya and Uganda - two countries which show much promise in the industry. Oscar and James have demonstrated passion, professionalism, and forward-thinking that define our work and it is a perfect match!

"A product is only as good as its installation, its underlay and the manner in which it is installed." - ECF

Elements Custom Flooring is now stocking

TFC Rubber Crumb Cradles

TFC Underlays

Composite Decking in an incredible range of colours

SPC Vinyl Tiles (stone plastic & composite)

For those interested in working with Elements Custom Flooring, contact:

Oscar Dennis


Address: Old House Rd, Shop 14, Nanyuki, Kenya.

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