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The African Journey

Starting out as a #ProudlySouthAfrican company, The Flooring Connection network has grown and is expanding throughout Africa. We are so excited about this process and felt it was time to share our journey so far!

Jonathan Bodley and Sven Kreher are long-time friends with a diverse set of experiences in the construction and sustainability sectors. The TFC journey really started when Jonathan came across InstaCradles...

Sven got involved because of his commitment to sustainability and experience in the 'green' space...

Now, we are in 12 African countries and counting! As the network grows and we reach further into the continent, our focus is adapting.

It is so important to us to continue spreading the word about green innovations in Africa and we hope our network will continue to grow in membership and activity. For anyone interested in joining the TFC community, contact us via:


Check out this interactive map of our growing network across Africa:


In hope and solidarity

The Flooring Connection Team


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