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Welcome Michel Mervin: TFC in Mauritius

TFC is pleased to announce the appointment of Michel Mervin as the agent and distributor of our InstaFloor product range in Mauritius. We have worked with Michel over the past 6 years and we are proud to welcome him as an official member of the TFC network across Africa.

Michel is a Mauritian national, fluent in both French and English and is quickly establishing himself in the Mauritian construction and flooring industry.

Michel is now holding stock of InstaFloor products on the island and you can contact him directly for information and quotations!

As we reach across the continent, agents like Michel anchor us in their home countries and are an invaluable part of our work. If you see the potential for our products in your country, please don't hesitate to reach out for opportunities to join the network.

Our mission is to grow throughout Sub-Saharan Africa & neighbouring islands, to spread the use of sustainable flooring products, and empower local agents in the construction industry.


Contact Michel:

Tel: +230 5254 4244


Here are some examples of our products being used in Mauritius:

At the Anantara Iko Resort, our InstaCradles were used for all the external decking areas in the resort, as they provide excellent support and protect the waterproofed slab below.

HURRICANE WARNING! Because Mauritius lies within the Hurricane belt, local contractors needed extra durable materials and have even created their own ways of securing the cradle system. Read the full story here.

The above shows the entrance to a hotel in Mauritius.

They had problems with repeatedly replacing battens supporting the decking, as it came into contact with the water in the Khoi pond and rotted very quickly. They could not chemically treat the battens because of the risk of contamination of the water in the pond, which would kill the Khoi. Our InstaCradles enable the battens to be lifted above the water level and have alleviated the problem.

Here, a mockup room at the New Panache Hotel is being prepared using the Instalay 'peel & stick' installation method with engineered flooring. The benefits are the rapid and easy installation process, combined with the acoustic and comfortable underfoot feel of the system. Watch a short video on this case study here.



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