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Flamingo Sanitation Solutions: Transforming Sanitation in Local Communities

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

We were joined by the Flamingo Sanitation Solutions team to talk about their incredible initiative. After a long research and design process, they have developed an in-house dry toilet that can bring dignity to poor communities while saving critical water sources and marine life.

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First, it's important to understand how this relates to The Flooring Connection and our work. In truth, it is a bit of a divergence from our normal flooring and building themes but we were so inspired by this developmental solution, we were compelled to support the cause.

The problem

So let's hop into the conversation... First we need to understand the context of the Sanitation crisis. In short, the government has been unable to provide proper sanitation solutions for those living in informal settlements and after the pandemic, the situation is only getting worse. Not only is this a crisis for human dignity but it also poses a serious threat to the health of our oceans, vleis and water sources.

The Solution

This incredible group of women have come up with a solution: the FSS toilet. This is a no-flush toilet that can be used in-house. Specifically designed to serve those living in under-serviced and poor communities it is easily movable, multipurpose and odourless.

Where does circularity come in?

What is important to understand about this solution, is that it isn't just a toilet: it is an entire system that considers where the waste will go and how to extract value from the byproducts. Deep research and networking has gone into creating a plan to create grey water, medical urea, Biochar and Bio Charcoal. This prevents water and soil pollution and also provides an opportunity for communities to generate income.

Where to from here?

What is really needed now is funding to make working prototypes for a sample group and test out the collection and processing model. Here is a break down of how much is needed for each phase...


This project poses an incredible solution to one of our biggest urban issues.

If you want to get involved or can provide support, contact:


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