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Its quite interesting how adopting new technologies can absolutely change how you do things and the value you add to your client’s projects. When the Insta flooring systems and the InstaCradle was introduced to me I could immediately tell this was the future of decking and access flooring solutions.

We used to struggle with the hard base systems for decking on waterproofed surfaces where after a few years the hard base would break the waterproofing causing all sorts of interesting

The instaCradle is made up of 100% recycled tyres and rubber and is a support base that is soft enough not to break your waterproofing but hard enough to carry the weight of a deck or a floor. The system creates a completely floating flooring system that can be taken apart and put back easily.

The applications are many ranging from acoustic controlled flooring to access flooring solutions, the system has changed how we do things at Pasi Flooring.

Pasi Muzvidziwa | Pasi Flooring (PTY) LTD

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