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ISO-Flex: The Future of Acoustic Sports Flooring

We had an incredible meeting with InstaFloor last month and are excited about what we learned. The future of acoustic sports flooring is effective, affordable, and thoroughly-tested.

InstaFloor has undertaken a huge Research and Development effort to test a series of rubber crumb products in 'Sound Laboratories'. Here's what they had to say...

What we've tried to do is make sure that we offer the same level of specification, the same level of performance, but at a more realistic cost that our clients can actually afford.

Why is this important? It means that when these products are specified, they come with a guarantee: to meet international standards for acoustic performance. The primary focus of this technology is to minimise impact noise and create safe, comfortable spaces.

The growing trend towards mixed-use buildings has severely increased the need for effective acoustic solutions. Improved sound insulation benefits the lives and wellbeing of those using the floors and the communities who share the building space.

Different specifications are available according to your gym flooring needs. This system can be used together with rubber crumb cradles and other products for maximum acoustic and impact absortption properties.

Importantly, adhesive-free finishes also make it re-usable and recyclable.

We are continuously researching and testing to improve product performance while answering today’s need for sustainable flooring solutions. Our gym flooring systems are tested in real world environments and manufactured using recycled materials.

We are excited to be at the forefront of innovations in the gym flooring space and look forward to see what comes next! Keep following us for news.

See the full brochure:

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