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Kubik: Kenyan company innovates for sustainable dignity

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Plastic waste is a massive environmental problem around the world. The production and consumption of single-use and other plastics have led to the accumulation of waste in our landfills, oceans, and waterways, causing harm to the environment. However, Kenyan company Kubik has developed a solution that could turn plastic waste into a sustainable building material.

Kubik's technology involves recycling plastic waste into durable building blocks for use in construction. This innovative approach has the potential to reduce plastic waste and provide a sustainable alternative to traditional building materials.

About Kubik

Kubik's vision is to build clean and affordable living for all. Co-founders Kidus Asfaw, an engineer and development practitioner and Ndeye Penda Marre, a seasoned entrepreneur in the manufacturing and construction sectors, have combined their talents and experience to start a company founded on the goals of dignity and sustainable development.

African cities are growing rapidly, leading to an increase in plastic waste and a corresponding impact on the environment. According to Kubik, 70 million tons of plastic are found in landfills and streets every year.

Kubik believes that growth does not have to be a dirty process. Their low-carbon, ultra-durable buildings remove plastic waste from the environment, providing dignified living spaces for millions of people.


Kubik has developed a range of eco-friendly, modular, and affordable building materials, all made from 100% plastic waste. These products are designed to be 40% cheaper than conventional cement-based materials, require 5x less CO2 to produce, and are easy to assemble. Additionally, they offer excellent insulation, are non-toxic, and fire-retardant.


Kubik's mission is to bring environmental dignity to growth by making safe, affordable, and durable buildings.

They are particularly working to put empower women to be leaders in transforming Africa into a greener, prosperous, and equitable continent. The company is committed to building opportunities for promising female professionals by offering a competitive compensation package, family-friendly benefits, and professional development opportunities.

Kubik is guided by a set of principles that are rooted in building dignity through clean and affordable living for all. These principles include humility, boldness, transparency, openness, wellness, respect, collaboration, helpfulness, flexibility, and presence. The company is dedicated to working towards a purpose that is much larger than itself.


Kubik has won numerous awards for its groundbreaking work, including:

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